Health & Wellbeing Manual Handling Ergonomics Presentation Skills
Increase energy & productivity in your staff
Move with ease, feel no strain. Move freely and prevent the pain.
Good ergonomics makes good economics
Look calm, confident & composed when you feel anything but


Barbara Robertson is a Senior Alexander Technique Teacher and has 20 years
experience in training.

She provides customised corporate programs for:

Barbara Robertson offers corporate training which is:

  1. 1
    Practical, hands-on and participatory
    • Your employees get continual practice of the skills being taught.
    • Your employees receive on-going individual feedback and assistance to change any limiting habits.
  2. 2
    • Employees are taught how to be responsible for the way they use their bodies in all daily activities.
    • Barbara is a qualified teacher with twenty years experience in training
    • She is one of Sydney’s Senior Alexander Technique Teachers who does Professional Development work with leading International Master Teachers including Larry Moss and Jean-Louis Rodrigue.
    • Barbara’s programs teach employees the skills and motivation to comply with obligations in the Occupational Health & Safety Legislation.
  3. 3
    • Programs are results-oriented and focus on developing each participant’s motivation to instigate long term positive change.
    • Programs are not videoed. Participants don’t receive work books. The emphasis is on learning by doing rather than watching or taking notes.
  4. 4
    • Each program is customised to your company’s needs rather than being generic.
    • It is effective, proactive training in ways that videos and on-line training never can be.
    • Training goes beyond the workplace, giving employees a work-life balance as they learn the correct and safe way to use their bodies in all situations.
  5. 5
    • Employees are able to conserve energy, invest in vitality and increase productivity in daily work.
    • Barbara’s strong emphasis on personal training has helped build a reputation for producing demonstrable improvement and success.
    • This personal training is ideal for large or small groups, or one-on-one coaching.