This specialized training is practical and your employees are continually on their feet receiving individual feedback

Our training programs offer an empathetic approach underpinned by The Alexander Technique, a technique which provides a way to undo fixed, often unconscious, habitual responses. Employees are taught how to move from old limiting habits to a more flexible and dynamic use of the body. In this process, they become more confident, credible and productive, and achieve a greater work-life balance.

Barbara uses “hands on” techniques and group participation to enable participants to develop an awareness of tension in their breathing, movement, speech and body, and provides staff with techniques to alleviate this tension.

Her philosophy puts people first: she works constructively with your team using encouragement and individual feedback to help them grow. To take this learning from the classroom to the workplace, Barbara shows each participant how they can help one another maintain the positive changes they have made.

These programs are cost effective as companies save money through reduced sick days, lost time and workers compensation claims, while non work-related aches and pains are alleviated.

A program designed by Barbara Robertson Training differs from similar programs by:

  • foundation in The Alexander Technique
  • proactive rather than reactive focus on Work Health & Safety Training
  • preventative approach – employees are taught how to take responsibility for their own habits i.e. how they think and react to the variety of situations.

Barbara teaches various sized groups. The style of training is determined by the size of the group. All groups receive ”hands-on” work and time on the floor.

The teaching methodologies used involve working with your employees’:

  • thinking
  • language
  • connecting to the body through awareness
  • kinaesthetic experience – ”hands-on” work more readily helps employees move onto improved performance and well-being
  • visual skills and attentiveness – learning to notice tension and poor movement in their own bodies as well as noticing what is going on with colleagues.

Training is delivered in a variety of settings from improving manual handling in the factory or warehouse context, to providing ergonomic and presentation training to top-tier Iaw firms and government departments. One-on-one training is conducted on site or in Barbara’s clinic where table work can be included to hasten the results.