Presentation Training

“Barbara is an invaluable part of any presentation skills training we offer to our lawyers. Invariably, participants leave Barbara’s sessions feeling hugely empowered through the small but powerful insights she offers into ways in which they are able to project themselves and their voices more confidently and professionally. In my experience, the impact of Barbara’s training is deep and long-lasting.”
Nicola Atkinson, National Learning & Development Manager. Ashurst Australia

"I found the strategies very useful giving insight into how breathing and stance affect the relationship with the audience"

"I enjoyed being able to practice presentations and learning and practicing the techniques demonstrated by Barbara. I liked the small group, interaction format as it created a supportive environment."

"I particularly enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too heavy on information. We were given an opportunity to take away some solid fundamentals to work from"

"Individual feedback was excellent and constructive. I achieved a lot in a very short time"

"Learning how to become more at ease with the functioning of my body while talking in public has given me far greater ease."


Ergonomics Training

“Barbara has worked with us for the past ten years. She conducts ergonomic assessments to ensure staff are working safely and comfortably. Barbara’s focus on health and wellbeing ensures the risk of injury is minimised through posture awareness and workstation set up. Barbara has delivered tailored workshops for us and guided the firm on appropriate ergonomic furniture and equipment, particularly during office relocations and new fit outs.”
Jocelyn Sorrensen, Communications Manager.
Ebsworth & Ebsworth Lawyers (as of May 2008; HWL Ebsworth Lawyers)

"I enjoy the re-education aspect of Barbara’s work. I now have to think about how to use my body and what is the best way to move as I do a task"

"I don’t have any reason to lean and look for support from the back of the chair any more. My spine directs itself up without any effort"

"I have always been aware of my body & quite fit but I now know how to hold myself correctly in order to reduce my body tension. I have noticed that I feel less mentally tense too!"

Are they the answer to the health risks of prolonged sitting, the new buzzword in ergonomics or the next marketing opportunity? "Market trends which are adding momentum to such investments may, however, be moving at a faster pace than the related and supporting evidence base can be produced." (British Journal ofStanding Workstations

"My new awareness helps me to maintain my body. I am now moving away rather than towards my bad habits"


Manual Handling Training

“The session was interactive and enjoyable. My team learnt a lot, in ways that saw the knowledge and skills retained. Barbara is passionate about the material.”
Chris Regan, Operations Manager, Victoria/South Australia.
Stryker, Australia.

"Being an asthmatic I found that I can breathe a lot clearer"

"I found this course beneficial as it made me stop and think about what I was doing instead of following old, bad habits."

"After the first day of training I felt I had so much energy and my posture had improved 100%."

"I enjoyed the course. The knowledge it has given me has made me confident approaching the dangers of heavy lifting."

"I really enjoyed the course. It was interesting and practical and taught me things that I was not aware of."


Health & Wellbeing Training

“I have had many comments back from the team, and I have been thanked several times for organising this training program.
I personally think it was some of the most successful training we’ve ever done as a group, not only did we physically grow taller and stronger before each other, but I have seen team members feel more confident and actually come away from doing presentations feeling better and not just relieved it’s over.
Paul Adabie, Boarding House Services Manager, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

"Semi-supine energises and relaxes me. It is like doing a meditation. As you work through it with the CD everything is in unison and then I am able to adapt the teaching of the tape to other daily activities"

"It makes me feel better about the way I hold myself and when I feel confident I walk tall. I feel Presence. If my body feels good I can reason with my mind a lot more"

"I was surprised. It was some of the best work related training I've ever done, and useful for both work and personal life"

"I could not believe how physical my stress was. I noticed that as I did my semi-supine the stomach jitters that I experienced as part of my stress were gone"

"It amazed me that the training released my shoulder and spine and as a result my breath"

"It's interesting to notice how I put incorrect emphasis on my body parts e.g. arching my back. I enjoy the relief which occurs in my body as I change my thinking"

"It's about the body & the physical things that happen. I enjoy the mental and visual process of allowing the breathing, lengthening and widening, which happens in semi-supine to free my body"

"For me it is about learning where I hold my stress and my being able to relax that area either during or after a stressful period"