16 Oct 2014
October 16, 2014

Habits can be changed!

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Not just the habit of sitting for long period of time, but… the habit of HOW we sit.

The debate over the consequences of sitting for long periods of time continues!

The interesting aspect of this issue is not that we are sitting for longer stretches at a time but HOW we are sitting. The Alexander Technique teaches people to sit “actively” i.e. in the same way that Lucy or “natural man” sat. Barbara Robertson Training teaches you to sit on your sits bones and allow an even weight distribution through the joints, spine and spinalis muscles. In this way pain and fatigue are alleviated. Spinal and back health are further increased by sitting forward on the chair rather than slumping or being reliant on the lumbar support of the chair. The following two articles alert us to the need to change our habits and of the consequences of not doing so.

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