Health & Wellbeing Training

The problem

  • Lack of mental clarity, “my mind races”
  • Lack of emotional energy and balance
  • Lack of productivity
  • Pain, discomfort and tension
  • Lack of sleep
  • Feeling stressed, lacking direction, motivation or confidence
  • Poor organ function and skeletal support – inability to breathe efficiently, constipation, poor digestion, lack of lustre in hair, nails, skin and poor posture
  • Poor nutritional habits

Our approach

  • The Alexander Technique is a powerful Stress Management tool because it addresses Stress at the physiological base
  • The simple formula of The Alexander Technique is “use effects function” i.e. the way we use our bodies determines the outcome -“function”
  • It develops an awareness of the patterns and strategies unconsciously used in thinking, feeling and moving
  • You learn to “undo” harmful or limiting movements and replace them easy and free movement
  • It doesn’t involve effort because it is a neurological re-education
  • It creates an inner experience of how you hold yourself
  • You are more centred and your relationship to the ground is different
  • You create a new sensory memory in such a way that:
    • you create a more relaxed and harmonious experience
    • you create more space within yourself and
    • by extension within your life

Health & Wellbeing Training courses

  1. 1
    Two hour courses
  2. 2
    Half day courses
  3. 3
    One day courses

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What people are saying

"It's about the body & the physical things that happen. I enjoy the mental and visual process of allowing the breathing, lengthening and widening, which happens in semi-supine to free my body"

"It's interesting to notice how I put incorrect emphasis on my body parts e.g. arching my back. I enjoy the relief which occurs in my body as I change my thinking"

"Semi-supine energises and relaxes me. It is like doing a meditation. As you work through it with the CD everything is in unison and then I am able to adapt the teaching of the tape to other daily activities"

"I could not believe how physical my stress was. I noticed that as I did my semi-supine the stomach jitters that I experienced as part of my stress were gone"

"For me it is about learning where I hold my stress and my being able to relax that area either during or after a stressful period"