Presentation Training

The Problem

Pain Points of Presenting

  • performance anxiety
  • projecting the voice rather than allowing it to resonate
  • inefficient breathing which does not support the voice (breathy voice)
  • having a voice placed in the throat or chest rather than in the body
  • white noise (ums) and white movement (inappropriate movement/gestures)
  • lack of clarity and focus
  1. Are you missing business opportunities because your people fail to make an impact?
  2. Are you loosing talent because your leaders can’t tell a story of a compelling future for your organisation?
  3. Are you invisible to your market because your smart people can’t communicate their value to others?

Our approach

Unlike other presentation skills training which start and finish with content, the focus of training offered by Barbara Robertson Training is on the body because it is your personal impact which people remember. “When I believe your body, I believe you.”

Albert Mehrabian’s Communication Research gives us the 93%-7% Rule

  • 7% of the impact of a presentation comes from the content
  • 93% of the impact of a presentation comes from the way you use your body

Barbara Robertson Training specialises in this 93% of your presentation by teaching:

  • a connection to your body through awareness (getting you out of your head and into your body)
  • a relationship of body to breath
  • allowing your musculoskeletal system to support your voice
  • improved breath co-ordination and vocal quality
  • recognition and eradication of your habits
  • free impulses and responses in order to allow a unique presentation
  • mental structures to improve your focus with clarity and brevity

Addressing the Pain Points by teaching:

Body Posture
You will be:

  • Open, poised, free of tension, confident, controlled, credible & memorable

Your voice will be audible, dynamic & articulate resulting from:

  • free flowing sound, resonance, a greater energy & an absence of vocal distractions

Tension will be eradicated to allow:

  • free flowing breathe & an absence of shallow breathing and gasping

Performance skills
Your thinking will be cleared by:

  • easy, efficient, assured movement
  • rechanneling nervousness into assured and confident movement

Your relationship with the audience will be improved by:

  • delivering information with integrity and clarity
  • connecting easily & naturally with your audience
  • handling questions appropriately

Our Presentation Skills Training Courses

  1. 1
    Two hour workshops
    • Larger – designed for junior level staff to establish positive habits which will integrate into presentations and be developed in later programs.
    • Smaller – designed for mid-level to senior staff who present often and need to leave a mark in their clients’ minds.
  2. 2
    Half Day
  3. 3
    One Day
  4. 4
    Two Day
  5. 5
    One-on-one Coaching
  6. 6
    Executive Presence Courses
  7. 7
    Resilience in The Corporate World – Building Confidence for Junior Professionals

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Why Barbara

Barbara’s clients choose to use her because:

  • She brings expertise in postural awareness-essential to any presentation
  • She gets staff past their performance anxiety without ever addressing the issue
  • They are practical courses
  • You get continual practice of the techniques taught
  • You receive continual individual feedback from Barbara
  • Everybody develops in Barbara’s course
  • Staff don’t feel threatened or vulnerable in Barbara’s training room
  • You develop professional as well as personal skills
  • The courses are not video taped. Work books are not used


“Barbara is an invaluable part of any presentation skills training we offer to our lawyers. Invariably, participants leave Barbara’s sessions feeling hugely empowered through the small but powerful insights she offers into ways in which they are able to project themselves and their voices more confidently and professionally. In my experience, the impact of Barbara’s training is deep and long-lasting.”
— Nicola Atkinson, National Learning & Development Manager. Ashurst Australia

What the participants have said

"Learning how to become more at ease with the functioning of my body while talking in public has given me far greater ease."

"Individual feedback was excellent and constructive. I achieved a lot in a very short time"

"I found the strategies very useful giving insight into how breathing and stance affect the relationship with the audience"

"I enjoyed being able to practice presentations and learning and practicing the techniques demonstrated by Barbara. I liked the small group, interaction format as it created a supportive environment."

"I particularly enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too heavy on information. We were given an opportunity to take away some solid fundamentals to work from"

"I enjoyed the "hands-on" experience. It was very helpful and quite inspiring"

"It was the most successful training session I have ever attended. I enjoyed watching the physical transformations occurring in the room when people took note of their posture and delivery"