The Alexander Technique

“The Alexander Technique doesn’t teach you something new to do. It teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing; how to eliminate stereotyped responses; how to deal with habit and change. It leaves you free to choose your own goal but gives you a better use of yourself while you work towards it.”
– Dr. Frank Pierce Jones, Tuft’s University Medical Researcher

World renowned as a performance enhancement tool for actors, singers, musicians, dancers and sportspeople, The Alexander Technique is used in all leading performance schools as the basis of voice and movement work.

The Alexander Technique is a re-education process that develops an awareness of how we think, move and feel in our daily activities.

Participants learn to undo harmful movement patterns and habits and replace them with refined body awareness, leading to ease and flexibility in movement.
The Alexander Technique can be applied to all areas of physical training as it focuses on the correct alignment of the body and efficient use of muscle in performing any given movement. It also improves breathing and has a direct, positive impact on peoples’ health and energy.

“The Alexander training is highly sought after and valued by employees as it is perceived as something most beneficial for them as individuals. From a Work Health & Safety perspective the technique has delivered two things often lacking in Work Health & Safety Programs: motivation and long term positive change.”
– Les Corbett, Work Health & Safety Consultant

The Alexander Technique is taught at Julliard, The Actors Studio, UCLA, Yale Drama School, New York University, Metropolitan Opera, The University of Washington School of Drama, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Royal National Theatre, Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, and the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, NIDA and the Victorian College of Arts.