Why invest in an Alexander Technique program?

Investing in training for your employees will lead to a number of long-term benefits.

  • Reduced absenteeism, especially related to back pain
  • Reduced presenteeism – working while in pain results in reduced performance
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims
  • Compliance with Work Health & Safety legislation
  • Increased productivity through clearer thinking, improved morale and higher energy levels
  • Reduced stress and therefore
    • decreased sick leave
    • decreased tension among work colleagues – it has been reported that employees find it easier to relax at home after learning The Alexander Technique
  • Increased presence and self confidence through posture
  • Increased effectiveness in the workplace

Investment in Alexander Technique training for employees:

  • will help employees get out of ruts, find new solutions and reach their potential
  • has long lasting effects because good posture is maintained in daily life
  • teaches a skill with both short and long term benefits
  • teaches safe practices which are the foundation of work-life balance
  • is cost effective


Participants will have a technique that works.
The Alexander Technique is effective and educational as well as simple and gentle.


Participants learn to:

  • Take responsibility for themselves
  • Implement the tools they acquire to bring about positive change
  • Develop a positive outlook

Self awareness

Participants become adept at listening to their bodies. They learn to recognise pain and tension as a warning sign and take preventative action or manage their pain.

Improved physical presentation

Participants learn to align their bodies and therefore present with confidence and credibility


Participants have control over their environment and themselves.
They know how, when and where to seek help when pain or tension occur.

Improved communication skills

Participants become better communicators through:

  • clearer speech and improved breathing
  • more effective and focused responses
  • released physical and psychological tension

Benefits of this training do not end in the workplace. Your employees will learn to take responsibility for using their bodies safely and correctly no matter where they are. They will learn to conserve their energy and find that their vitality increases at work and in their personal lives.